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The Komendunesi project was born in 2019 from the collaboration between a young musician and the Comenduno Ethnographic Museum of the Tower to create moments of commonality through music and culture.
The Komendunesi Festival is a part of this ongoing project that continues to grow year after year thanks to the Museum, a precious place of ethnographic, historical and social study. The events that take place in Comenduno at the end of August see the participation of both Italian and international artists. The mix of languages and stories celebrates the richness of diversity and builds a springboard to peek beyond borders, reinvent places and imagine electrifying futures.

The origins of the komendunesi

Experiences and intuitions shape ideas, and that is how the Komendunesi project came to life. To explain how it was born, we need to tell you a story. In the summer of 2018 a young Comenduno musician, Marcello Conca, was in Salzburg, where he worked as a mask for the Festival by the same name. Thanks to its mix of tradition and innovation, the Salzburg Festival is a unique experience, one that influences the very concept of musical and theatrical event (find out more here). It is a festival made special by the heartfelt presence of the city not only as a scenography, but also as a protagonist full of life.

During the Celebration of Sant’Alessandro at the end of August, you can sense a similar atmosphere of celebration and closeness between people in Comenduno. The Komendunesi festival was born from the Salzburg intuition, from the desire to share music with relatives and friends and from the belief that making music means creating bonds and uniting communities.

Ideas grow through dialogue. Without the support of the Ethnographic Museum of the Tower and its association, without the ideas of Valerio Calvi, its former president, Gianmaria Luiselli, its current president, Maurizio Noris and Diego Vedovati, members of the association, as well as the vital support of Veronica Arrigoni and Marco Noris, the festival would not have been possible. Just like an orchestra, the Komendunesi draw inspiration from the energy that each person brings along: chorality is the heart of our project.

Komendunesi with the k

Who are the Komendunesi? Komendunesi are the musicians, the people of the audience, the organizers, the asylum seekers from Africa who live in the oratory; Komendunesi are all the people who join the Festival embracing the new dimension of Comenduno as a European melting pot.

You and me, we are Komendunesi: people of different ages, origins and cultures united by common roots such as the bond with the territory and the local parish, the passion for sports, the work ethics, the volunteering and the respect for nature. Our cultural project is an invitation to welcome others – to say benvenutə, wilkommen, üdvözöljük, bienvenidos, witamy! – therefore we can only encourage you to join us and embrace the Komendunesi spirit with us.

Why the K? Because it represents the spirit of the project: it is saboteur, youthful and international. In Komendunesi, tradition and innovation, past and future live in symbiosis.

Inspirations / aspirations

There are many inspirations that we hope to pass down not only to the public, but also to the artists. Just for a week, once a year, people from Europe and the world meet in Comenduno. This meeting creates a rare – perhaps unique? – occasion: sharing experiences and opinions that make us think about the territory and its history. From a small town in the province of Bergamo, Comenduno blossoms and enters the imagination of the public and of many young foreigners.
Aspirations are also important, and for our project we have many. We aim to enrich our cultural offer every year by including different artists and artistic forms. We want to make Komendunesi a varied cultural festival of poetry, dance, theater, opera, painting and ancient, light and jazz music.

View the 2021 program

Komendunesi is an experience that wishes to provoke and interpret old and new horizons through music
Komendunesi is a place where diversity is a richness that dares to tell itself
For the Komendunesi empathy, listening, respect for the past and for the earth are the keys to open the world
For the Komendunesi, music is
the other half of a stable relationship full of joy, discoveries, frustrations
a means of expressing the speakable and the unspeakable
an invisible bridge that unites us and strengthens us thanks to our differences
The Komendunesi speak European: Bergamasco, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, German
To understand each other, we use English. To connect, we play together. To feel close, we meet in Comenduno.

Comenduno `l sa möv

Dialects fit into the ethnographic vocation of the Komendunesi project because they are the most vivid expression of the territory and its history. Also, their melodies, sounds and cadences are so reminiscent of musical compositions! In the cultural proposal of the Komendunesi Festival, we enhance the Bergamo dialect by claiming its role as guardian and passer of the past.
In the future evolution of the project, we will give space to many other Italian dialects to expand further the ethnographic research of the Museum and to discover new territories, new stories and new insights into what has been and what will be.

The organizers

Marcello Conca

Project Director
The idea of the Komendunesi came to me in summer 2018. I was in Salzburg, where I worked for a month and a half as a mask for the festival…

Veronica Arrigoni

Educational project manager
Other than work, I like to dedicate myself to other projects that I care about, such as educational programs, illustrations and workshops for kids and their parents. The Komendunesi festival…

Marco Noris

Graphic designer
I ended up among the Komendunesi thanks to Marcello, who involved me from the beginning because of the long-standing mutual knowledge and esteem. Other than the parental bond, Marcello and…

Paulina Żmuda

Music & Digital Manager
For the Komendunesi Festival I am responsible for the musical program and for organizing the schedule for rehearsals. I am also the social media manager alongside Veronica. I got involved…

Gianmaria Luiselli

In 2019 I was involved in organizing the events on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Tower Museum. The Komendunesi Festival was an integral and surprising part of…

Maurizio Noris

I was immediately involved in the Komendunesi project by Marcello. I call it a project because in my opinion Komendunesi is much more than a festival: it is a loving…

Diego Vedovati

With the Komendunesi I have in common the desire to create bonds and to think of new ways of living the community. I contribute to the festival by making all…

The idea of a festival that combines culture and entertainment, tradition and innovation with a particular attention to young people and ancient music is something special. Doing it in these difficult times makes it extraordinary.

Angelo Testori – Bologna, Italy

The Komendunesi festival is a great opportunity to meet people and connect through music and food. I can’t wait to go back to making music with other artists and immerse myself in the great hospitality of Comenduno.

Desiree Wöhrer – Vienna, Austria

What makes the Komendunesi Festival special is the air of friendship that you breathe along the week. At the center of it all is the simple desire to meet each other and the belief that music is a magnificent opportunity for sharing.

Irene Metere – Cagliari, Italy

Comenduno is an amazing place with great people. Their hospitality, positivity, attitude towards life is fascinating. Even though I was there for a week, it felt like I was part of a big family. I gathered a lot of strength from what I experienced there, both as a musician and as a person. I can’t wait to return to Comenduno this year and for years to come.

Dominika Pas – Keszthely, Hungary

The Komendunesi Festival is a unique experience. It welcomes people from all over the world and makes them feel at home. It brings a great opportunity to young artists and supports them. It has wonderful musical diversity, with a very original format: there are intimate concerts by small ensembles, as well as outdoor performances and major orchestral events.

Lucia Pilar Diaz Mere – Madrid, Spain

The Komendunesi Festival is special for me because it is an opportunity to make music while having fun with other musicians in the places where I was born and raised. I like the energy of the musicians and also of the organizers, who go out of their way to make the festival possible.

Eleonora Trivella – Ardesio, Italy

The Komendunesi Festival has a magical venue and there is amazing food and wine. But in my opinion, the key is still the connection and the people: the people who host us so warm-heartedly and the team of musicians. I am the happiest when I can make music with close friends and when we play for an audience with such an open heart.

Zsófia Nóemi Breda – Gödöllő, Hungary

Collaborations & Sponsors

We would like to thank all those who supported and contributed to making the 2021 Komendunesi Festival special.

Komendunesi is a cultural project born in 2019 to give life to musical and creative experiences in Comenduno. The Komendunesi Festival is a part of this project, started to experiment new ways of making culture through creativity, provocation and curiosity. Komendunesi is made possible thanks to the support of the Comenduno Tower Museum.


Komendunesi is a cultural project born in 2019 to give life to musical and creative experiences in Comenduno. The Komendunesi Festival is a part of this project, started to experiment new ways of making culture through creativity, provocation and curiosity. Komendunesi is made possible thanks to the support of the Comenduno Tower Museum.

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